The need for building a product like Winnow was very evident to the Axslogic team during their tenure with large multinational banks. The existing complex interlinked complex manual processes used to analyze lending portfolios were tedious and error-prone.


Winnow was developed over 2 years. Building the product specifications required reverse engineering, with precise identification of all analytics required to manage the business cycle end-to-end. Given the typical data quality, minimizing data inputs and maximizing transformations to provide end results was a key goals of the product design

Data modeling has been an iterative process where efficient but interactive design and performance management take precedence. This continues to be an area of ongoing innovation by the team.

Transformations have been integral to the minimal input, maximum output mantra.

The bespoke unique frontend was built with the goal of providing users with a very easy, simple and intuitive user interface, empowering users while also guiding them towards very quick and accurate discovery. No need to be tech savvy, no need to know how to code.

The alert engine provides a pre-built exception management capability which is where the user guidance begins. Changing trends, outliers, movements are all captured and brought front and center for the users to take action, saving weeks and months of analysis that would otherwise need to be undertaken.

Predictive capability is also a strong need of the hour and Winnow has that available on tap, at a multi-variate, multi-segment, multi-dimensional level to provide better targeted focus on future trends.